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Repairing Your Equipment

Frontier Imaging Services offers a broad range of customizable service solutions for your medical imaging equipment, especially your CT scanner. Our offerings are as simple as helping provide a second look on a difficult service event, to full service capitated agreements on all your CT systems. We have expertise in not just the most common CT brands, but we also support clients who operate unique systems. We have expertise in:

  • GE LightSpeed, BrightSpeed, Discovery, Optima CT, HiSpeed
  • Siemens Somatom Emotion, Sensation, Definition, Flash, Edge, AS, and all Sensation 4-64 slice systems
  • Toshiba Aquilion including Aquilion ONE, PRIME, and all Aquilion Multi-Slice models
  • Philips Brilliance, Ingenuity, ACQSIM, and MX8000
  • Neurologica CereTom


Frontier Imaging Services provides capitated, full service options on most equipment. Many clients depend on us to cover these specialty devices:

  • Siemens CT with Straton Z and Dura tubes
  • Toshiba CT with CXB-750 tubes
  • GE Signa, Optima, and Discovery CT systems
  • Neurologica CereTom


Having equipment available for patient care is important. With CT trained engineers strategically located throughout the country, Frontier Imaging Services has nationwide coverage with rapid on-site response times. We understand the importance of getting your equipment back up and running, that’s why we focus on the problem at hand and do not subscribe to finger pointing when dealing with grey issues like network connectivity. We offer 24/7 phone support to answer your questions any time. 

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