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MRI Magnet Maintenance

Is your magnet working right?

Maintaining Your Equipment

Frontier Imaging Services magnet maintenance programs include a wide range of coverage options. We service the entire MRI system, including the magnet, cold head, chiller and related support systems. We have serviced hundreds of customers in many different environments including fixed sites, mobile systems, high field, and low field equipment. Our magnet maintenance and cryogen system coverage includes:

  • Full cryogen service including helium fills
  • Coldhead replacement
  • Chiller service – including on-site repair and replacement
  • Magnet stability and artifact elimination
  • Magnetic field homogeneity
  • Magnet deicing
  • Magnet system monitoring (optional)


We focus on proactively keeping your system up and operational to original OEM specification. Our goal is to drive to zero helium loss and no unplanned interruptions.

We are your solution for your GE, Siemens, Philips, and Hitachi MRI systems.

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