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Repairing Your Equipment

You have many options when it comes to servicing your MRI system. Frontier Imaging Services offers service programs specifically tailored to each client for your maximum value and benefit. Our engineers are strategically located throughout the country to provide rapid expert service when you need it most. We align our performance metrics to your goals through our uptime and time-to-repair guarantees. 

Our service options include:

  • Full service coverage including magnet maintenance and cryogen service
  • Shared service options
  • MRI Coil coverage – yes, including the hard ones
  • Time and Material service – 24x7 urgent response
  • Parts-only coverage using fully tested OEM repair parts
  • After hours PM-only options – always performed to OEM standards
  • Expert technical support to your in-house engineering staff
  • In-house engineer MR service training
  • 24x7 phone support


We are experienced in most MRI makes and models including:

  • GE MR systems including GE Signa and Optima MR systems and GEM Suite
  • Siemens Magnetom MR including Symphony, Harmony, Avanto, Verio, Aera, and Skyra
  • Philips MR including Ingenia, Intera, Achieva, and Infinion
  • Hitachi AIRIS, AIRIS II, AIRIS Elite, Altaire


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