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X-Ray Repair

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Repairing Your Equipment

The team at Frontier Imaging Services has provided multi-vendor services to our clients for decades. Our experience and no-nonsense approach to serving you are the key to our results. Our nationwide network of engineers and partners deliver a true multivendor experience to you.

We offer many service plans including:

  • Full capitated service agreements including all glass items such as flat panel detectors, tubes, large format monitors and the like.
  • Parts agreements
  • In-house support agreements including on-site training and 24x7 phone support
  • PM-only agreements
  • Hybrid agreements that share risk yet provide a limitation to your risk
  • Time and material services
  • Technical training
  • DR upgrades


Frontier Imaging Services provides medical imaging equipment resellers with an expert field workforce to deliver warranty services on their behalf. We represent you while we are on site, and service a wide variety of OEM makes and models.

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